What people say about Mediagazer:

"Mediagazer has become my single go-to source for media news, replacing about ten other blogs and feeds I used to read together." - Robin Sloan, Best New Blogs of 2010, (11/29//10)

"That combination [of human editor and algorithm] has made Mediagazer an enjoyable must-read for anybody in the business." Mediagazer #5 on The New York Observer from "The Year's Biggest Media Launches" (12/06/10)

"Mediagazer could be the chronicler of the boom, the explosion of the new forms and sources of information" Owen Thomas, Executive Editor, VentureBeat (10/08/10)

"In fact, in their very own fields, Techmeme are Mediagazer are more useful than Google News." Frederic Filloux, Monday Note (9/19/10)

"What's great about MediaGazer is that their algorithm makes sure they get just about everything interesting each day, while their editorial touch makes sure the front page is always interesting." - Brad Flora, PBS MediaShift Idea Lab (8/26/2010)

"If you have any interest at all in the inner workings of the media, you really should have it on your list of sites to check every day." Martin Bryant in Why You Should Make Mediagazer a Daily Read (6/26/10)

"Last week we were perusing our Google Analytics report here at the Lab and one data point stood out: A site barely two months old had inched into our top 10 referring sites for the previous month. Checking today, it's up into our top five, passing up many more traditional traffic drivers." - Laura McGann Nieman Journalism Lab, (5/18/10)

"I'm getting a lot out of http://www.mediagazer.com/" Jay Rosen, New York University (3/19/2010)

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